Slanted Truth Culture  is a reminder that everything we've learned throughout our history has been reduced to a fraction of the truth. The information revealed to us has been altered and conditioned since our days of elementary. As a result, society’s standards that we live by and believe in may not be what they once were, nor do they signify what they were originally meant to. Therefore, “Slanted Truth” exists all around us. It’s a pandemic and we've already been infected. 

Our focus at Slanted Truth is to enlighten the brain until it is bountiful with knowledge. Let the truth leak, and exercise your intelligence to increase your overall health, wealth, and spirituality. An ajar mind stays Fresh. Let your mind bloom and blossom. Educate yourself or die a Fool. Slanted Truth is a culture of human cognitive recognition. The revision of what you think you already know.

We promote awareness by utilizing eclectic designs. We highly encourage people to think freely and expand their minds. More than a brand, we are a new age movement. We are a system of thought, as we posses various methods of cerebral operation. We are the ones who will expose the secrets. We are a CULTURE of thinkers & executors!

Based in California STC is a combination of street-art, soul, and cultivation. Our
designs and images are sure to fascinate and stimulate one’s mind, for we are all rulers of our own mental capabilities. STC composes visual poetry, with thought provoking imagery. Well connected and respected, we welcome all who love and respect the arts of diverse intellectuals. We support positive mental evolution. Your ingenuity can travel further than any spaceship. Slanted Truth Culture. THE REMINDER!!